Fruit & Ornamental Tree Services

Green Velvet’s plant health care service considers all the plants’ needs – plant placement, soil conditions, nutritional needs, pruning requirement and pest problems. Our tree and shrub plant health care services consist of an inspection of all trees and shrubs (unless customer requests only certain trees and shrubs are serviced). We inspect trees and shrubs and control insects and diseases as needed. This keeps plants healthy without overapplication and prevents building a resistance to products used. A report is left with each service outlining what was done and needed recommendations. Our plant health care service considers all the plants’ needs – plant placement, soil conditions, nutritional needs, pruning requirements and pest problems.

Green Velvet Lawn and Tree Care Inc. has been taking care of urban and fruit trees since 1975. Our knowledgeable team here at Green Velvet has the certifications needed to offer skilled help with your trees. The benefits of trees in urban areas are well known, including a reduction in noise and air pollution. They create plant diversity and wildlife habitat, and reduce stormwater runoff. Urban forests also save us money on energy bills, by sheltering us from storms in the winter months and creating shade during the summer. The trees in our backyards and parklands create outdoor space for family recreation with a de-stressing affect for mental health. It is worth the effort we put forth to keep our urban forests healthy for strong communities. Fruit trees benefit us economically and add to food varieties in backyard gardens.

Our tree services are extensive, including professional arborist assessments and planning, hazardous tree assessment, deep root fertilizing and pruning by our trained technicians. We serve both residential and commercial customers in the North Okanagan communities of Vernon, Coldstream and Lumby.

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Juniper Pruning – Correct juniper pruning by Green Velvet technicians
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Fruit Tree Services

With Green Velvet’s on-hands maintenance, plant nutrition, and expert pruning your fruit quality will significantly increase. We provide fruit tree services to control the major pests with minimum pesticide applications. Correct pruning will decrease some disease environments, discouraging a need for more pesticide applications. Correct watering, nutrition and thinning will significantly increase your fruit quality. We work with our customers through every stage of development, so your fruit orchard can produce its full potential in crop health and yield.

Plant Feeding Services

Green Velvet’s plant feeding program helps your plants to better resist insects, disease and drought. Deep root feeding is an injection of nutrients in the root system of your plants that lasts the complete season or if applied in the fall, the following season. It is a slow-release fertilizer with trace elements. It increases root development, adds vigour and color, helps your plant to better resist insects, disease and drought. Root Feeding is a natural way to keep plants healthy and strong for a whole season and can improve drought tolerance.

Now is the time to Root Feed… Why?

Slow release Nitrogen (32-7-7) will help your shrubs and trees:

  • Increase Water Absorption
  • Increases Frost Resistance
  • Stimulates Organic Activity in The Soil
  • Withstands the Effects of Disease, Insect Infestation and Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Breaks Up Compacted Soil
  • Maintains A Steady Supply of Needed Nutrients Over A 12-Month Growing Season
  • Will Not Leach from The Soil
  • Gives Essential Elements for Root Growth

Our Products & What They Are Used For

Lime Sulphur (LS)
An organic pesticide used to control spring diseases and insects on peaches, pears, grapes and some ornamental plants.

Spring Dormant (S Dor)
Horticultural oil which interferes with the insect’s respiration in the egg stage causing death. Used on apples, apricots, cherries, nut and plum to control leafroller, scale, mites etc.

Petal Fall (PF)
Spring caterpillars such as leafroller, scale insects and mites are controlled now as well as some diseases on apples and pears.

Husk Fall (HF)
As the spent bloom husk drops, we control Coryneum blight, brown rot and many insects such as leafroller on stone fruit.

Cherry Fruit Fly Sprays
Cherry Fruit Fly larvae feed on the flesh near the pit, rendering them unmarketable. Cherry Fruit Fly pupae overwinter in the soil under cherry trees and the adults are present from late May to August. Traps are useful in determining first emergence. Cherry crops need protection throughout the summer when the fruit flies are active.


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